We have frequently been asked ‘what goes into installing a patio?’ Whilst there are many things, today I want to focus on understanding budget as I think it will really help you plan your future garden.


Over the past three years of trading many have questioned why “just laying some slabs” is so expensive, well in this latest blog post we will give the low down on what it actually involves.

Whilst we would enjoy nothing more than lifting up old paving, concrete, gravel or grass and laying slabs on top it’s just not that simple. As with any structure you need a stable and firm foundation to work from.  This involves digging out to an appropriate level dependant on the quality of the ground. This is even more so important when creating a dream patio in clay areas due to its natural process of expanding and shrinking due to weather conditions.

Once it has been dug out MOT will then be laid and compacted to create a sturdy base at a suitable depth.

To ensure a high quality installation all patios are laid on a full bed of mortar which supports the whole slab not just the corners therefore leading to a more quality finish. Once the paving has been laid they should be left alone for 24 hours to allow the mortar to harden and should NOT be walked on.

Once all the paving is down and the mortar has gone off a jointing compound is used to seal between the paving. We use Easy Joint which we feel gives a more pristine and cleaner finish.

As with all projects adjustments may need to be made due to unforeseen issues, such as, having to dig out more than originally thought due to ground conditions or ensuring that the patio is compliant to regulations, for example and most importantly, not to go above the damp proof course if laying right next to the house.

All this takes time and expertise which is why a professional Landscaper is more expensive than Joe Blogs down the road. As a professional we care for your garden as we would for our own it’s not just simply another job, you, the client are at the heart of every installation.

Once the installation is complete there are some simple tips you can follow to ensure the longevity of your patio. To clean the patio only use a brush with either some washing up liquid and water or a high quality patio cleaner as a pressure washer can dislodge the paving over time and cause them to wobble.

If you are looking for a Landscaper to create your dream patio then contact us and we can arrange a chat.

Why waiting is a good thing?


Many potential clients wonder why we have such a long lead time, which is currently 5 months. The answer is pretty simple and whilst 4-6 months (our average lead time) seems like a long time it is actually a good thing when you are investing in your garden.


As a reputable and growing company our long lead times should be seen as a reassurance that we are a business that is here to stay and not a cowboy that will fit you in the day after and will never be heard of again.


With a long lead time there is no need to rush on the design that you want and will be enjoying in the years to come.  Samples can be ordered to ensure that you will receive the right product that you desire as well as deciding on a concept and design that is appealing not only to you but also to friends, family and neighbours.


Your garden or driveway is just as important as your bathroom and kitchen and requires the same attention and detail to compliment your home.  Waiting a few extra months also allows you to time to plan financially for the project.


Overall a long lead time is a good thing as you will make the right decisions and are less likely to hire a cowboy company.  As a client there will also be the time to check out Companies, their reviews, Company house registration etc and you will get a high quality installation.


If you are looking for a trusted and reliable Landscaper to transform your garden then contact us today and we can arrange a discussion.



What to consider when deciding your Landscaping needs…


We receive many calls from potential clients, and many have the same theme, they don’t know where to start in their garden!

Here at Spring Forward Landscaping Ltd we have compiled a list of factors to deliberate when deciding how to improve or remodel your garden.

What is the purpose of your garden and how will it be used the most?

  • Is it primarily for the children to play safely?
  • Are you looking for an area to relax and entertain in?
  • Do you have pets – more specifically dogs

Are you looking for a low maintenance garden?

  • Do you like the idea of artificial grass?
  • What paving products would you prefer to under, i.e., natural stone or porcelain
  • Would you prefer more hardscaping, i.e., a large slabbed area?
  • Do you have any issues that may prevent you from maintain a regular garden, for example, mobility issues, age or disabilities?
  • Do you have the time to keep on top of the maintenance?

Do you have a timescale?

  • As a reputable company recognised for our high quality work, we usually have a lead time of 3-6 months to start any new garden transformation projects.
  • Many of our garden projects can range from a week to 4 weeks dependant on the size of the garden and the preparation work involved

Do you have a budget?

  • Landscaping is a skill and remember as with any work carried out in and around your home you pay for quality
  • Many of our projects cost between £3000-£9000 (on average)
  • The cost of materials as with any product is reflected in the price, we never use cheap or inadequate materials
  • As a professional and reputable company, we hold all the correct insurances in place as required by Law
  • From experience cheap means poor quality, paying out more in the long run and causes unnecessary distress for the client

What style do you have in your house?

  • Do you have a theme or style in your home that you want to bring into your garden?
  • As your garden is an extension of your home would you like that to be incorporated into your outdoor area?

All of these factors are key when deciding what to do in your garden.

If you are looking for a professional and reputable company to help create you a garden that exceeds expectations then give us a call.

We will discuss your requirements and needs at the initial consultation to ensure we deliver a garden made for you.


Covid 19 update 

Dear Clients, 

During this current health crisis we are implementing new ways of operating to ensure the safety of our employees and clients. 

  • Phone and email communication instead of in-person meetings if preferred. 
  • If meetings are in person 2m distance will be kept in accordance with Government Guidance. 
  • Please notify us if you or anyone in your household is experiencing symptoms of Covid-19. 
  • Our employees are all following Government guidelines on minimising the risk, handwashing, hand sanitiser and keeping a safe distance from others where possible.

We want to thank all our clients for your support during this time and we hope you are all keeping safe and well. 

Stay Safe, 

The Spring Forward Team  

Careers Fair. This week Adam has been installing a feather edge fence and preparing the ground for artificial turf at a client’s house this week in between the wind and the rain!

Adam and Lorna also attended the Apprenticeship Fair at The Chase High School in Malvern where we had the opportunity to meet with Career advisors, Students, Parents and other Local Businesses that were offering Apprenticeships.  This was ideal for us as we are in the process of hiring an apprentice and we learnt a lot about Apprenticeships and more! 

We also have our new app out which will have a number of features including notifications, gallery and to celebrate this new addition we are offering 10% off Labour costs with every new download.